About Us

At First Place Staffing, we go beyond experience and skill matching to people matching. We understand the importance of the right chemistry and attitude. Our process is thorough and we appreciate the confidentiality of the search process. Face-to-face interviews with our candidates enable us to evaluate experience, skills and determine what is most important to the people we represent.

We also pride ourselves on our service. Our greatest assets are the dedicated individuals who work for us. Our recruiters are qualified, very well trained and will always give you a superior level of service. The entire staff is committed to excellence.

We offer a wide range of special services according to your specific needs. For the employers, this includes salary and market information, and reference checks, skill assessment testing, and private interviewing offices. Drug and background checks are also available. For the job seeker, this includes helping you polish up your resume, sharpen your interviewing skills, and getting you on the road to success.

If you are seeking employment or if you are looking for high quality candidates, we can help. Our goal is to exceed your expectations. Our company has been in the Westchester-NY City-southern Connecticut market since 1994 and we have developed a base of clients that spans a broad range of industries and includes Fortune 500 as well as middle market and successful entrepreneurs. Let us work for you!